GET CARRIED AWAY by the quality of our service

The place of our customers is central to our attention as in our car, to offer a service fully responsive to their needs and expectations

The Quality of our Services

The quality of our services, tangible during the trip, is a discreet and constant presence in the relationships with our customers and partners


Each trip comes out of a necessity and is aimed to a goal: it is for us to listen and offer the widest and most customized choice, to get to the full satisfaction of those of us addresses


Our business card: reliability, committment, passion

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In order to have the best booking experience we advise you to inform us about all the details of desired transport such as: number of passengers (up to a maximum of 6), date of the trip, destination, desired departure time and place.

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Our Services and Our Customers

Our service is able to satisfy different types of customers who take advantage of the transportation time to relax, focus on work, solve urgent needs and satisfy their needs. You can rely on a punctual and accurate service that allows you to fully enjoy the various aspects of the trip. Thanks to the constant updating of services – such as last minute transportation – the typology of our customers is widening, and we always feel more and more able to accommodate their requests

You can require our services

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Alessandro Sensini

Owner adn Driver


Experience and Driving Skills

Customer Care

Customized services

We deal directly with every step of our services, from the first contact to the trip scheduling and customers transportation

20 years of experience on the road, accrued in the conduct of vehicles for the transport of persons (driver service for non autonomous persons, driving school instructor) have led me to the decision to put this expertise and passion at the service of all those who need a qualified professional driver, a real private driver
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Informations and Assistance

For informations and request about your traveling needs